Manuka Bioscience is now a Certified B Corporation

We are proud to announce that Manuka Bioscience is now a Certified B Corporation. This accomplishment not only underscores our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices but also recognises our unwavering pledge to create a thriving industry for the potential of New Zealand’s East Cape mānuka oil on a global scale.

This is significant news for us, and it’s equally significant for you as a partner, shareholder or customer. You are now part of a worldwide movement that is harnessing business as a positive force for change.

What is a B Corp Certification?

B Corp certification, short for Benefit Corporation certification, is a recognition granted to businesses that meet specific standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

This certification is awarded by B Lab, a non-profit organisation that assesses companies operating in diverse industries.

Why is being a Certified B Corporation important to us? 

Our core mission is to introduce mānuka oil, a unique botanical ingredient, to the world. Sustainability is at the heart of our endeavours, benefiting both the people and the planet.

Obtaining B Corp certification serves as a valuable incentive to align with our corporate social impact goals and monitor our progress. In a competitive market, differentiation is crucial, and we seek to distinguish ourselves while helping consumers comprehend our social and environmental commitments. Furthermore, B Corp certification enables us to maintain transparency regarding our practices and values. Although the certification is a rigorous process, it empowers us to communicate openly and authentically.

Learn more about our Manuka Bioscience’s Overall B Impact Score here.

How did we accomplish the B Corp Certification?

At Manuka Bioscience, we are committed to sustainability, which is integral to our “seed to skin” approach. Our focus lies in responsible sourcing methods, reducing packaging waste, offering refill options, and formulating products with sustainability in mind. Our mānuka oil is cultivated, harvested, and distilled in collaboration with local iwi (indigenous communities).

We also make efforts to minimise waste by upcycling two byproducts generated during the mānuka oil production process.

Our dedication to sustainability underlines our commitment to responsible and environmentally conscious practices.

Our production of mānuka oil involves a collaborative effort with local iwi, benefiting both the environment and the rural community. We’ve taken steps to plant over 5,000,000 native mānuka trees on land that was previously used for grazing or maize farming.

This farming approach not only contributes to a sustainable and carbon-positive environment but also offers a more financially viable option for local landowners. In an area with high poverty levels and limited job opportunities, mānuka oil production is playing a pivotal role in establishing a sustainable industry in New Zealand’s East Cape region. Manuka Bioscience is actively working with whenua Māori (Māori landowners) in the East Cape and Eastern Bay of Plenty to boost employment and bolster the local economy.

In our pursuit of producing mānuka oil while adhering to our “embracing the green” philosophy, we identified an opportunity to repurpose two waste byproducts generated during the mānuka oil production process. One of these byproducts is a hydrosol created from the steam generated during the 4-6 hour steam distillation of mānuka plant material to extract the pure and potent oil. This hydrosol now serves as a key ingredient in Manuka Bioscience’s consumer skincare brand’s ManukaRx Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser, effectively upcycling and reducing waste.

The second waste byproduct, mulch waste, posed an environmental challenge as the production of mānuka oil increased. To address this, we decided to use mulch waste to enrich the soil in the mānuka plantations rather than sending it to landfills. After experimenting with this approach, we discovered its remarkable benefits. The mulch not only nourishes the soil but also acts as a protective barrier for the plants against harmful pesticides and insects. This realisation has further reinforced our commitment to sustainable practices and motivated us to continually seek ways to harmonise our operations with the natural world.

Manuka Bioscience at a glance

Founded in 2016, Manuka Bioscience was established with the primary goal of raising global awareness about East Cape mānuka oil. This pure and potent essential oil is derived from the steam distillation of mānuka tree leaves and twigs grown in New Zealand’s East Cape region.

Our mission goes beyond producing high-quality products. We are driven by a purpose to transform the East Cape, an area marked by high unemployment rates, into a hub for sustainable industry that not only generates jobs but also offers more profitable farming opportunities for local landowners.

Through a clear vision and unwavering strategic execution, Manuka Bioscience has evolved from a single brand, ManukaRx skincare, selling a single product (the ManukaRx Skin Rescue Ointment), into a global leader in the mānuka oil category. We now encompass multiple brands, a growing international customer base, an array of botanical medicines undergoing both clinical and consumer studies, a robust global intellectual property portfolio, and ownership of the largest mānuka oil supply in New Zealand and globally.

Our core mission is to introduce mānuka oil, a unique botanical ingredient, to the world. Sustainability is at the heart of our endeavours, benefiting both the people and the planet.

What happens next? 

B Corp certification is not just an accolade but a testament to our commitment to make a difference in the community and continuously serve our customers better.

At Manuka Bioscience, sustainability is more than a timeworn trend—it is an integral part of our identity and vision for the future. Through responsible sourcing, minimal packaging, and sustainable formulations, we are driving positive change within the cosmetics industry. By continuously measuring our progress, communicating our practices, and celebrating our achievements, we inspire stakeholders to align their goals with ours. Together, we can create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all, emphasising environmental responsibility, pioneering innovation, restoring both skin and the land, and cultivating a new lucrative industry in New Zealand’s East Cape.

Read more about Manuka Bioscience’s B Corp certification here, or visit B Lab’s official website to learn more about their mission and other B Corporations here.

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