Our Brands​

Our brands have been developed to provide proof of concept for the use of mānuka oil in skincare, therapeutics and natural health products.


All ManukaRx products contain our hero ingredient, East Cape mānuka oil and a range of other well proven ingredients such as rosehip oil and green tea extract, Kakadu plum fruit extract and more. Our customers from all corners of the world love the fact that East Cape mānuka oil works as a full skincare treatment, first killing or reducing bacterial and fungal growth, reducing inflammation and blemishes while calming and beautifying the skin. Check out manukarx.co.nz for the full range of our independent science-backed ManukaRx skincare products that are available for purchase online.


 Effective skin cleansing and microbial control is arguably the most important aspect of any medical or aesthetic procedure, but there have been few meaningful developments in this field until now.

3k+ delivers a unique approach to optimizing hygiene and protecting skin using advanced botanical actives that are unmatched in efficacy and skin compatibility.

3k are triketones + is for the other active ingredients and carriers that we use with 3k to provide specific benefits.

Manuka Biologicals

Manuka Biologicals is our wholly owned subsidiary which undertakes the production and global sales of mānuka oil.

Manuka Biologicals use their proprietary MBTK™ rating system and quality mark which indicates the level of natural β-triketones in mānuka oil. MBTK™ refers to the percentage of Mānuka β-triketones in the mānuka oil, which correlates with the antimicrobial activity of the oil so MBTK™ 20+ indicates that the mānuka oil with this rating is β-triketone rich, with at least 20% triketones.

Our mānuka oil is produced in our own distillation plants on the East Cape of New Zealand and sold to brand owners, essential oil companies, distributors, as well as cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers in more than 15 countries.