Mavelox™ Skin Delivery Technology​

In the treatment of wounds, infections and inflammatory conditions of the skin, delivering bioactive drug molecules to skin sites that need them most is extremely challenging. After undertaking extensive research, Manuka Bioscience has developed a proprietary skin delivery technology, Mavelox™ to help overcome these challenges.

Constituents of Mavelox™ have a long term safety profile and have been approved for use in dermatological products by the FDA, Medsafe and TGA. They are also listed in the US, European and Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

Mavelox™ creates a perfect hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance in Manuka Bioscience topical therapeutics and facilitates the transfer of our East Cape mānuka oil bioactives and other synergistic ingredients through the stratum corneum to damaged and diseased parts in the deeper layers of the skin where therapeutic action is needed most. Mavelox™ also increases the moisture content in the skin, creates a high comfort, non-greasy skin feel and forms a protective barrier so that damaged or diseased skin can heal quickly and efficiently.

Independent scientific studies demonstrate that Mavelox™ optimises the antimicrobial action of our East Cape mānuka oil-based bioactive formulations.

Mavelox™ is used in Manuka Bioscience’s product range for impetigo and eczema.

How the Mavelox™ Delivery System Works