Botanical Therapeutics

Traditionally, plant-based medicines were used in the form of infusions, tinctures and extracts, essential oils, powders, poultices and other herbal preparations.

Many prescription drugs currently on the market were originally isolated from plants and/or are semi-synthetic analogues of phytochemicals. It has been estimated that around 25 % of all prescription drugs currently in use are of plant origin.

The current trend is to isolate and characterise the individual phytochemical components with the aim of producing an analogue of increased bioactivity and bioavailability. Such studies have given rise to many useful drugs such as quinine (from the bark of  cinchona) and digoxin (from fox glove, Digitalis lanta).

Several studies indicate that the blending of essential oils with other botanical or synthetic active ingredients can give rise to synergistic antimicrobial and other therapeutic effects.

The aim of Manuka Bioscience’s “Botanical Therapeutics” strategy is to combine our “hero” ingredient mānuka oil with other ingredients to develop high efficacy, broad spectrum evidence backed cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals and ingredients for our global customers.