Unlocking the power of New Zealand mānuka essential oil

A therapeutic and cosmetic ingredient which is 1,000 times more effective than mānuka honey and 20-30 times more effective
than tea tree oil against gram positive bacteria

A natural bioscience company focused on the unique properties of East Cape Mānuka oil.

Promising pipeline of advanced cosmeceutical and dermatological products and ingredients.

Partnering with landowners to deliver innovative health solutions to global citizens and enduring benefits to rural communities.

B2B and B2C solutions.

Leading Science

More than 1000 independent peer reviewed global citations supporting efficacy and safety of mānuka oil.

Significant New Zealand government supported research and clinical trials.

A global team of research scientists, dermatologists, formulation chemists and aestheticians.

A disciplined, evidence first approach.


A female doctor examines a sample. Shallow depth of field. Focus on foreground.
Could be useful for medicine, hospital, research and development, clinical studies, forensics, science etc