Unlocking the power of New Zealand mānuka essential oil

A therapeutic and cosmetic ingredient which is 1,000 times more effective than mānuka honey and 20-30 times more effective than tea tree oil against gram positive bacteria

A natural botanical science company developing innovative, evidence-based skin health solutions using the unique properties of East Cape mānuka oil.

About Manuka Bioscience

Founded in 2016, Manuka Bisocience has grown from a single product company, to a global category leader in mānuka oil with multiple brands, a growing international customer base, a pipeline of botanical medicines undergoing clinical and consumer studies, a strong global IP position, and ownership of the largest mānuka oil supply in New Zealand and the world.

MBS-About Manuka Bioscience
MBS Leading Science

Expanding healthcare possibilities

With a global team of research scientists, dermatologists, formulation chemists and aestheticians, Manuka Bioscience is focused on creating topical solutions for a multitude of skin concerns, including skin and wound infections that don’t contribute to AMR.

Promising pipeline

Manuka Bioscience has a promising pipeline of advanced cosmeceutical and dermatological products and ingredients. These efficacious B2B and B2C solutions are supported by science and research, with preclinical research programmes and clinical trials focusing on formulations targeting at specific medical indications.

MBS-Promising pipeline
MBS-Partnering with landowners

Partnering with landowners

Manuka Bioscience is committed to the sustainable growing, processing and development of East Cape mānuka oil. Grown, harvested and distilled in collaboration with local iwi, the partnership benefits both the natural environment and the rural community. In a region where poverty is high and jobs are scarce, the mānuka oil industry is creating a sustainably industry in the East Cape region of New Zealand.