Stuart Cairns

One of the founders of Manuka Bioscience Limited, Stuart is an investment banker and entrepreneur with
extensive experience in strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and startups in New Zealand, Australia and
UK particularly working in the SME market. He has served on the board of many Australian and New Zealand public listed companies in forestry,mining, biotech and financial services.

For investors who want to manage downside risk they want to have a leader at the helm making the important decisions that will effect the scale of their financial returns. Stuart brings to Manuka Bioscience a blend of skills and connections that cannot be easily recruited. Formal experience in private equity, entrepreneurial passion and scientific know how, Stuart has successfully led exits in biotech and agriculture. His search for a unique New Zealand high value product that could be scaled globally led him to identify the opportunities presented by manuka oil.

Suki Harding

Suki has over 25 years of strategic leadership, international business, technology investment and R&D experience in New Zealand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. She specialises in getting stuff done.

Her previous roles include: Director NZ Trade Development Centre in Taiwan, NZ Trade Commissioner in Indonesia, Manager TechNZ and Director Commercialisation at the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology, General Manager Business Development & Commercialisation at Industrial Research Ltd, Director & Business Strategist at sustainable carbon technology start-up CarbonScape Ltd and General Manager Business Development at e-commerce start-up SouthFresh Ltd. Early in her career she was a Research Scientist at DSIR Industrial Processing Division.

Suki has a BSc (Hons) First Class in Chemistry from Massey University, a PhD in Chemistry from Victoria University of Wellington, and a MBA from Victoria University of Wellington. She also completed the Entrepreneurship Development Program at MIT in Boston.

Nick Coughlan

A management consultant and Avocado orchardist based in the Bay of Plenty Nick has been involved in security and management of rural property projects in the Bay for the last 15 years. Nick and Stuart started looking for a natural New Zealand product that could be taken to the world and in the course of the research discovered manuka oil and in particular East Cape Manuka oil.

Marvin Yee

Marvin is the Managing Partner of Crown Financial Services and its affiliated companies throughout New
Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. Marvin holds an MBA specializing in accounting and finance. He is a
successful serial entrepreneur having listed a number of companies in New Zealand and Australia. He was at
one point the youngest Chairman of a public listed merchant bank in New Zealand.

Richard Macdonald

Richard has had decades of adding value to raw New Zealand products and first became director of a public listed company in 1986. His involvement in the development marketing and promotion New Zealand products ranging from specialty Natural fibers, to water and honey. His belief is that New Zealand should only produce the very best premium food and beverages, and aim for 100% Organic. In a busy life he makes time to mentor young people to identify their strengths and reach their potential.