ManukaRx® is our brand of OTC natural skin care products, made using East Cape Manuka Oil and made for use around the home.

New Zealand’s indigenous Maori population have used manuka for centuries due to its powerful antibacterial properties.Modern science agrees: manuka has been known to assist the skin’s natural forces and prevent the spread of bacteria.Today, you can take charge of your health using ManukaRx™ products and specially formulated natural essential oil blends using 100% pure East Cape Manuka Oil from New Zealand.

The oil in all of our manuka skin products comes from trees and bushes in New Zealand’s East Cape region. The manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) from this location contains high levels of triketones which give the oil its antibacterial properties which help prevent the spread of bacteria. Using effective plant-based antibacterial ingredients like manuka may become more and more important for helping to stop the spread of bacteria and contribute to overall health.

When you use manuka products for skin care and skin health, you’re doing your skin a favor and at the same time helping to improve the environment.